hi! i'm diablo :)
i'm a mexican 17-year-old artist. i'm also a composer, musician, and occasional writer. i primarily create art surrounding my own characters, but i'll dabble in occasional fanart sometimes :D


(too many to list so i'll put genres)minecraft
kpop (ie, dreamcatcher)roblox
rock/metal (ie, S.O.A.D)friday night funkin
game ost/non lyrical musicfinal fantasy iiv
fullmetal alchemist: brotherhoodthe scp foundation
gemini home entertainment

you can find me on most social media under the username gaettuce!

for commissions, feel free to dm me on twitter, instagram, or tiktok. my email is available as well.

please only contact my email for important matters or business/commission inquiries :)

my commissions are currently open!

will/will not draw

willwill not
fanarthate speech/politics
light goreheavy gore
light furryanthro/feral
actual animals 
real people (with permission unless a public figure)old/heavily masc people

i have the right to decline any commission request.please provide a clear reference of your character!be specific with what you want, or i will take my own liberties regarding poses, lighting, expressions, etc.,my style is very experimental, so let me know if you want your commission to be drawn in the style of a specific piece!the canvas size i use for portraits is typically 3000x4000. please specify if you want a different ratio.time to finish a commission can vary depending on how many commissions are in my queue.you will be updated on your commission at least once every two weeks.i will send the completed piece via email, dropbox, or google drive.

i take payment through venmo (ask about zelle).
payments will be half upfront, half after the piece is completed.

the first payment will be sent after the specifics of the commission are agreed upon and a time estimate is given.

refunds can be requested before the sketch is completed, otherwise, i will not issue refunds!

the only exception is for emergencies. if that is the case, you will receive a partial refund depending on how much of the requested piece is completed.


flat/simple shaded drawing153045

more examples can be found in my portfolio


flat/simple shaded drawing


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